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Russel Winder-2
In case anyone had missed it, I transferred all the material that seemed
relevant from gpars.codehaus.org to gpars.github.io. Instead of the
Confluence based site we now have a Git/Markdown/Jekyll/GitHub set up. I
appreciate the look and feel of the site currently really sucks, but
that doesn't stop us getting the content up to scratch. If you have time
to peruse, amend, extend, sub-edit, etc. please clone the GPars
Organization repository  https://github.com/GPars/gpars.github.io and
submit pull requests.

(If you install Jekyll locally, you can preview the site by running
"jekyll server". It is supposed to do live update in this mode and on
Fedora Rawhide it does, on Debian Sid it definitely doesn't. I have no
experience of other environments.

It would be great if the GPars 1.3.0 release, which is very, very
pending, could have a nice new shiny website that we can call

There is also the user guide. The current version is at
http://www.gpars.org/guide/index.html but this is the 1.2.1, the final
GrailsDoc version. The new AsciiDoc version is not online anywhere that
I know, but it is easy to create by cloning the GPars source and running
"gradlew asciidoc" then pointing at the generated site in the build

And if anyone out there has masses of experience of releasing things to
Artifactory and Bintray and has a few cycles to help me with some
hurdles, please email off-list.
Dr Russel Winder      t: +44 20 7585 2200   voip: sip:[hidden email]
41 Buckmaster Road    m: +44 7770 465 077   xmpp: [hidden email]
London SW11 1EN, UK   w: www.russel.org.uk  skype: russel_winder

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